Students are diverse learners, which is why each Futuresoft course is packed with content tailored to different learning styles. Our tutors attempt to make difficult courses pleasant and fascinating by using interactive activities, annotations on assignments, and group practice quizzes. And whether it is online or in-person tutoring, we always attempt to preserve fellowship and boost digital learning.

Futuresoft offers tutoring services in 3 major academic fields :

Our program, “Futuresoft Computers,” is tailored with several different computer literacy-related short courses, and its curriculum is primarily aimed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of all the computer literacy-related subjects in a short period of time by providing access to expert tutors and individualized teaching. Our Futuresoft Computers program is accredited by The Institute of Certified Computer Professionals, Ireland and affiliated with Metropolitan Business School, Ireland.

And, through our English language teaching program called “Futuresoft Academic Resources,” we provide exceptional English courses tailored to your needs, and its curriculum, known as FELP (Futuresoft English Language Programs), which was developed based on the Common European Framework of Reference, enables thousands of students to benefit and excel in English. Students who complete the program successfully receive a certificate of completion as well as a transcript.

Furthermore, through “Pusat Tuisyen Maju Didik,” a program created solely for primary and secondary school education. We provide high quality tutoring to a large number of school students, enabling them to achieve excellent outcomes in school-based examinations such as the UPSR, PT3, and SPM.

At Futuresoft, we encourage engaging teaching that ensures each student receives our undivided attention and the best academic experience possible in order to empower and support students at an accessible price that everyone can afford.


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Take Tuition and get FELP for Only RM 100 per month!!!
FELP duration 1 1/2 Hours (2X/Week)

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1 Month Free English Grammer Class
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