About Us

We're all about ensuring

happy learning & empowering students.

Futuresoft started its journey in 2000 as “Futuresoft Computers”, driven by a goal to offer a tutoring service that would enable both young and adult students the opportunity to access top-notch instructors and personalized education for all computer literacy-related topics through a variety of tailor made short courses.

Later in 2011, Futuresoft began its efforts towards English language teaching through “Futuresoft Academic Resources,” and our curriculum, known as FELP (Futuresoft English Language Programs), which was created based on the Common European Framework of Reference has allowed thousands of students to benefit and excel in English Language.

Additionally, through “Pusat Tuisyen Maju Didik”, a 2011-registered program specifically tailored for primary and secondary school teaching, Futuresoft has successfully tutored thousands of students, many of whom have achieved excellent results in school-based examinations including the UPSR, PT3, and SPM.

Futuresoft is one of the most established and longest standing tutoring organization with over 22 years of experience offering professional, caring and high quality tutoring services to students across the entire Kuala Lumpur both online and in-person.

Trusted by parents & teachers
Futuresoft is the Sentul district’s most trusted tutoring organization with thousands of young and adult students coming from Bangsar, Ampang, Setapak, and other surrounding areas. We have received numerous success stories in school examinations from the million (and counting!) lessons we’ve delivered so far, and because our tutors consistently achieve excellent outcomes, parents and teachers have a great deal of faith in us. Currently, we have worked with approximately over 6000+ students across the Sentul district, targeting learning gaps and helping students achieve their goals.
Personalized educational support from our tutors
Futuresoft is committed to providing a personalized education that meets each student's needs. And our expert tutors will be there to support the students every step of the way - from tutoring to right down to exam board. We're here to listen, respond to your inquiries, and provide you with the specialized assistance you require at any time.
Easy lessons with a fun, interactive learning space
At Futuresoft, lessons are delivered in small groups in welcoming settings to maximize assistance and cater to each student's needs specifically. This makes sure that students always have their full attention and focus. We also offer online tutoring to support students who have transport and time constraints. But Our lessons are much more than a video call. Our tutors aim to make complex subjects engaging by employing interactive activities, annotate assignments and practice questions as a group. Which makes even the dreadful subjects fun.


Making Pusat Tuisyen Maju Didik/Futuresoft Academic Resources/ Futuresoft Computers a network of advanced, potential, dynamic private educational institutions and becoming the main choice tuition center producing the most brilliant students in Sentul District and wherever we operate.


To achieve the Vision mentioned above is to be the Mission of Maju Didik Tuition Center / Futuresoft Academic Resources / Futuresoft Computers.

  1. Provide a conducive learning environment.
  2. Ensure students attend the designated classes.
  3. Provide a program that helps ignite students’ enthusiasm.
  4. Provide dedicated teachers who are committed to teaching.
  5. Provide classes that are comfortable and suitable for learning.
  6. Conduct tests periodically to assess the level of understanding.
  7. To build a positive communication space between management, teaching staff, and parents.
  8. To provide a non-academic program to strengthen the relationship between students, teaching staff, and management.
  9. To provide a comfortable and clean environment with the best facilities.

Academic Staff

Our teaching pool consists of 12 expert tutors who are registered with the ministry of education.

Ms Kamalia
F1- F5
Subjek Aliran Seni
Prinsip Akaun , Perniagaan , Ekonomi
Mr Jayaharisiva
F1 – F5
Maths / Science
Subjek Aliran Sains
Add Maths / Biology / Chemistry / Physics
Mr Pandian
F1 - F5
Ms Prema
Mr. Chandra
FI - F5
Ms Norizan